As the Manufacturer,and Distributor of the popular, high-end, industrial quality heavy duty and mild Phenolic Disinfectants and Antiseptics used for both industrial and domestic purposes all over the country today, we present the following products for general public consumption:

RoyalGad Lysol Disinfectant: A high level disinfectant made from saponated tar acids.Lysol is approved for use against avian flu, and is a powerful disinfectant for hospital, household and verterinary use.

RoyalGad Germicide: This is a heavy duty disinfectant for industrial and domestic use.

RoyalGad Antiseptic Disinfectant: This is for first aid and other medical use.

RoyalGad Pine Disinfectant: This is for general domestic use.

All products are registered by NAFDAC, and Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria.
We also undertake contract manufacturing and private labelling.
Contact us today for the best Antiseptic-Disinfectant for total germ-free environment.
Products Overview

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